RH goes on air

Manila Broadcasting Company traces its roots back to “the Voice of the Philippines” – KZRH, the oldest radio station in the Philippines which first went on the air back in June 15, 1939.

Formerly owned and operated by H.E. Heacock, KZRH was then a 1,000 watt radio station along Escolta, the bustling financial district of pre-war Manila. KZRH was so successful that within after less than two years operation, it opened a sister station in Cebu City – DYRC.


Rising from the ashes

Taking over the reins of Heacock-owned KZRH following World War II, Don Manolo Elizalde had a new studio built atop the Insular Life Building on Plaza Cervantes within 40 days after Liberation, and by July 4, 1946, was ready for the inauguration of Manuel Roxas as first President of the Second Philippine Republic.

Infused with new capital, KZRH became the first station to go on nationwide simulcast from Basco to Jolo as early as July 15, 1949. Later that year, under a directive of the Swiss Radio Commission, the “K” in all local radio stations was replaced with the letter “D”. Thus DZRH was born.

1950's to 1960's

The Golden Years

Throughout the 50’s and the 60’s, MBC established itself as the leading news and entertainment station in the country – a distinction it holds until today.


Expanding into the FM Band

In 1975, MBC crossed over to the FM band, with the opening of DZMB, now known as the top-rating 90.7 Love Radio.


The People Power Revolution

With the assassination of Benigno Aquino Jr., radio was practically alone in presenting the true picture of an outraged Filipino people, and in 1986, DZRH was the only station that aired nationwide a detailed account of the ouster of President Ferdinand Marcos. All hands were on deck, including MBC chairman Fred J. Elizalde, who took the wheel with announcer Ric Radam in tow, fired simply by the commitment to deliver the news as it happened.


One Nation. One Station.

Over the years, MBC has focused on expanding the reach of its network. Back in 1996, the vision of “One Nation. One Station” was conceived by current MBC Chairman Fred J. Elizalde. Under this grand plan, DZRH expanded its footprint to cover an unprecedented 97 percent of the Philippine archipelago. To date, DZRH is the only station in the country, which is on 24-hour nationwide stereo-quality simulcast via satellite to relay stations located in key provincial cities.


The expanding network

The 90’s and 2000’s saw MBC further expanding its network with the addition of 101.1 Yes The Best, 96.3 Easy Rock, Aksyon Radyo, Radyo Natin, and DZRH News Television.

Believing that grassroots entertainment links our country in the way Filipinos know best, MBC has also ventured into special events and continues to provide radio listeners with a diverse array of activities that enhance their sense of community and pride in being Filipino.

Present Day

MBC Media Group

Today, amidst the wave of digital transformation sweeping through the broadcasting industry, Manila Broadcasting Company continues to be a leader in the creation and distribution of Internet content, while also engaging audiences through its robust inventory of social media platforms.